How I Turned My Passion For Renewable Energy & Love For The Ocean Into A 6-Figure Dream Career In Solar

In just 40 short years, I’ve watched the vibrant coral reefs and the rich marine life I came to love and appreciate as a child dwindle and literally disappear.

Today, I’m helping shift the world to clean energy, while making strides to protect our oceans, and leaving a lasting legacy for my children.

Hi, I’m David Steel

Solar mentor, ocean lover, and unapologetically doting father to two amazing kids.

By the time I turned 10, I was working on a drift fishing boat as a second mate, spending every day out on the ocean. Spotting schools of fish, untangling lines and scrubbing the decks were my typical days growing up in Miami, FL.

Those early years awakened in me an eternal love and fascination for our oceans.

The colorful coral reefs, the playful dolphins, the fishes, octopuses, crabs, and the birds swooping down to catch their lunch… all captivating me and eventually inspiring me to make a career in clean energy.

Later in my adult years, while working in city government, I quickly learned that our intricate and fragile ecosystems are under constant threat from big corporations and industries.

And in particular the U.S. Chamber of Commerce seemed to be perpetually at war with the environment.

Their policies gave a free pass to corporations to pollute our atmosphere with harmful chemicals and dump industrial toxic effluents into the ocean.

It was here I got my first taste at taking a firm stand against these destructive policies.

A group of us banded together to form the United States Green Chamber of Commerce, where we would give voice to environmental best practices to Corporate America.

We showed corporations and industries how green practices can not only be sustainable but also profitable and portray them in a positive light with their consumers. And while this first big step toward taking care of our planet made a difference…

…I quickly realized:

“With this business model, I’ll never be able to leave a legacy for my children.”


Life Redirected In Ways Unexpected

The more I learned about the horrible destruction caused by big corporations, industries and short sighted government agencies, the further and further those simple days, long ago, out on the ocean felt.

We’ve been so dependent on dirty energy for such a long time, it’s led to our fragile ecosystems to be destroyed, low lying communities to be displaced due to rising sea levels, and our atmosphere and oceans to get pummelled by toxic chemicals.

All of which potentially leaving our children and future generations a very grim future.

So, I made a big, unexpected decision.

After leaving the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce I went out on a limb and founded my own company.

It was an LED lighting company to help consumers lower their electric bills while significantly improving their energy efficiency. This would be my way of helping save the planet.

However, you may remember, back in the early 2000s, those high efficiency LED light bulbs were still 8x-10x the cost of regular light bulbs. Even though I was able to help thousands of homeowners and businesses save money on their energy bills, prices weren’t yet affordable for mass consumer adoption. Plus, it did not seem environmentally sustainable to source these bulbs from China and then have them shipped to our warehouse in Los Angeles for distribution all over the country.

And it quickly became clear that this wasn’t the business where I would make my big environmental impact and create generational wealth for my family so I exited the business.

And luckily, destiny had other plans for me.

I discovered that building incredible wealth was NOT at odds with being in harmony with the planet.

Enter: Powur.

At Powur, harmony and wealth go hand in hand.

Solar has always stood out as the key to clean, renewable energy, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Powur that I realized I could build generational wealth for my family.

It brings me great joy knowing I’m helping homeowners save huge on their energy bills and mitigate their dependence on the grid. And even bigger than that is that I’m finally making the big difference I’ve always wanted to make!

At Powur, harmony and wealth go hand in hand.

Now, doing my part to help reduce our dependence on dirty energy (like coal, fossil fuels, and crude oil) does NOT have to come at the cost of making an awesome living.

I’m helping the world make the shift to clean energy while helping homeowners put money back in their pockets to support their families — and showing others how to do the same.

The Future

I’ve discovered how to leverage the incredible Powur platform and optimize my efforts so that I can provide the lifestyle for my kids, Austen and Briana, to pursue their dreams.

From day one, I’ve encouraged my kids to follow what they love — and do it with courage and reverence for our planet.

It brings me great joy and security knowing that I’m not only modeling that for them through my work with Powur but also paving the way for the next generation.

Join Me

I’m building a team of solar warriors who want to build their own 6-figure dream businesses. Are you interested?

Cutting-edge weekly training, learning resources, sales tools, and endless business opportunities… that’s the Powur promise. No matter how big you want to grow your own solar business, Powur offers the flexibility and freedom to help realize your dreams.

We work with the best panel manufacturers, vendors, and finance providers so you’re able to give your homeowners THE BEST solution and energy savings. We’re a 100% carbon neutral company because all of our panels are manufactured right here in the United States. And with the biggest commissions in the industry, just one installation a month can set YOU on the path to 6-figures.


If you’re excited to:

  • Make a multiple-6 figure income
  • Help homeowners save more of their hard earned money 
  • Play an important part in shifting the world to clean, renewable energy
  • Lead a team of solar warriors
  • Help protect and save our Mother Earth
  • Leave a lasting legacy for your children and future generations
  • And be part of a revolutionary, clean energy company that’s making giant waves in the world

Your time is NOW. Your destiny is calling.


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